Enrollment in Regensburg Course    6 - 9. September 2022

limited enrollment - appointment required
for an applicaation, please send  your name
, private & business addresses and phone number

              applications will be honored in the order they are received and will be promptly confirmed       

Course Fees:

                      1) Basic Course (11 VIDEO-presentations)    50 $ (downloading cost)

 the Basic Course can be downloaded from our Homepage for $ 50

for the downloadi9ng of the Basic Course click here    Home Page 

 and then on "
SHOP for English Language Teaching Programs"

the studying  of this Basic Course in Standardized Echography
is an absolute requirement for a participation in the Advanced Course in Regensburg


We recommend a timely (early) downloading of the Basic Course to allow sufficient study time prior to the Regensburg Course



                   2) Advanced Course  in Regensburg

                                                                                        Ophthalmologists in Training           US $    500     

                                                                         Practicing Ophthalmologists            US $    600

please transfer the Fee for the Advanced Course in Regensburg prior to July 15, 2022 to

                                                                                         Bank:  Sparkasse Regensburg

                                                                                         Account #:   100966         Account owner: Augen-Echographie-Center GmbH, Prof. Hasenfratz,  Prüfeninger Str. 86,  049 Regensburg

BLZ: 750 500 00

                                                                                          IBAN: DE33 7505 0000 0000 1009 66

                                                                                          SWIFT-BIC:     BYLADEM1RBG


                         THE Advanced COURSE FEE INCLUDES:      Admission to the Lectures, Demonstrations and the Practical Workshop of the Course  
Refreshments during breaks and the dinner party
on Thursday

_                                      ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________     

please direct QUESTIONS and APPLICATIONS:  via  E-MAIL to the Echography Teaching Services:


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