Enrollment in Salerno Course         September 3 - 7, 2024

limited enrollment - appointment required
or an applicaation, please send your name
, private & business addresses and phone number

              applications will be honored in the order they are received and will be promptly confirmed       

Course Fees:


                   1) Advanced Course  in Salerno

                                                                                        Ophthalmologists in Training           EURO  500

                                                                         Practicing Ophthalmologists            EURO  700

please transfer the Fee for the Advanced Course in Salerno prior to August 15, 2024 to

                                                                                         Bank:  Sparkasse Regensburg

                                                                                         Account #:   100966         Account owner: Augen-Echographie-Center GmbH, Prof. Hasenfratz,  Prüfeninger Str. 86,  049 Regensburg

BLZ: 750 500 00

                                                                                          IBAN: DE33 7505 0000 0000 1009 66

                                                                                          SWIFT-BIC:     BYLADEM1RBG


                         THE Advanced COURSE FEE INCLUDES:      Admission to the Lectures, Demonstrations and the Practical Session
Refreshments during breaks and the dinner party
on Wednesday                                ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________     


                     2) Basic Course (11 VIDEO-presentations)    50 $ (downloading cost)

the study of this Basic Course in Standardized Echography

(containing important infos not covered in the Advanced Course because of lack of time but essential to understand the presentations in the Advanced Course)

is a requirement for a participation in the Advamced Course in

(not necessary if participation in a course on Standardized Echography was done within the last 5 years)

We recommend a timely (early) downloading of the Basic Course to allow sufficient study time  prior to the Course in Salerno


for the downloading of the Basic Course go to    Home Page 

 and then on "
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